1. Bright Air

2. Dark to Light

3. Blue and Gray

4. Persian Dream

5. Warm Sun...Cold Snow

6. Water Falls

7. Trillions of Molecules


With their most recent project, the score for Paterson (2016), SQÜRL took inspiration from their performances live-scoring Man Ray’s surrealist silent films and made a dive into the ocean of ambient electronic music.

The poetry of Jarmusch’s latest fiction film offering requested a slightly different approach in texture, timbre and tone than the band’s usual sound, leading them to employ primarily analog synthesizers and leave drums and guitars behind. Feedback gives way to glass harmonica drones, kick drums to sub-bass punctuation marks. “It’s ambient, dreamy stuff,” Jarmusch told IndieWire while promoting the film’s release.

While a brighter counterpoint to some of SQÜRL’s previous work, including their Live at Third Man Records LP, using some new tools, the band’s purpose has remained to create their own variation on ecstatic music.

Third Man Records releases the complete score to Paterson today on 12” vinyl LP and at digital retail. 

Produced by SQÜRL and Jonathan Kreinik.  

Mixed by Jonathan Kreinik at Boombox Magnetica.  

Mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering.