EP #260

Contradictions embraced:            Although SQÜRL’s music is anti-mathematic, SQÜRL loves mathematics. We love the Fibonacci numbers. And magic numbers. Perfect numbers. Bell numbers. Catalan numbers.                 260 is none of these. It isn’t a perfect number, and not fractional of any number. It’s not even a regular number.                  260, though, is the number of days in all Mesoamerican calendars. The Mayan calendar. The Tzolkin calendar.                  260 is also the number of days of human gestation. (Orangutans also).                  260 also has an elliptical connection to the dark rift; a series of molecular dust clouds located between our solar system and the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way.                   And although not a magic number, 260 is the magic constant of the magic square investigated by Benjamin Franklin, and part of the solution to a famous chess problem; the n-queens problem for n=8.                   260 is also the country code for Zambia. And the US area code for Fort Wayne, Indiana.                Therefore, SQÜRL has labeled this recording EP #260.


Track List:

1. Solstice (6:03)

2. The Dark Rift (4:35)

3. Equinox (5:09)

4. Gates of Ishtar (Equinox Remix by Anton Newcombe) (9:30)

5. The Dark Rift (Föllakzoid Remix) (8:32)



Cover photo by Tom Jarmusch